Friday, May 11, 2012 11:13 AM PT

     The Environmental Law Review provides the latest comprehensive environmental litigation news. The review, an exclusively-online publication, is updated daily with original content by Courthouse News reporters, and includes five distinct sections.
     Coverage of newly filed lawsuits, which range in topic from endangered species to hazardous consumer products, can be found under the heading New Complaints.
     The News section includes the most recent information on settlements, criminal prosecutions, and trial coverage of high-profile environmental cases, while the latest environmental-related opinions are covered under Rulings.
     From Around the Web features a selection of the latest news stories from media outlets across the world that cover everything from oil, energy and alternative energy concerns to food product recalls.
     Regulatory Roundup includes coverage of proposed and recently passed wildlife protection laws, standards for air, water and soil, and a variety of other environmental regulations.